Afro-Brazilian Martial Art/Dance/Culture

Individual Coaching & Community Upliftment

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in Eckental and Lauf a.d. Pegnitz, Germany

More than sport!

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian dance / martial art and culture that unites music, acrobatics, self-defense and joy in a unique way.

Children as well as adults experience holistic, playful support in a family environment and also benefit from a dynamic full-body workout.


“Simpson (Dennis) brings passion, tenacity and empathy to any project he is a part of. His energy is infectious and leaves you firmly believing that you can make a difference in your and other’s circumstances with the strength of your hands, love of your heart and creativity of your mind. You will not regret it.”



My Capoeira Journey

Known as ‘Contra-Mestre Simpson’ in the ‘roda’ (capoeira circle) I live with, through and for this beautiful martial art/dance/culture. It became a philosophy of life and I love to explore its capacity of setting myself free in every way. I am driven to motivate and inspire others to apply capoeira for their own emancipation of physical and mental slavery. and have myself experienced its life-transforming potential. My capoeira journey began 1999 when I met Mestre Paulo ‘Sorriso’ Mendes whose pupil I remain until today I became part of ‘Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira’, an international capoeira group with the motto ‘Be nobody’s slave’, co-founded and headed by Mestre Miguel Machado in 1978 in...

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