An amazing 12-week online course that became…

a milestone on my freedom journey and a game-changer on my family’s pursuit for a happy, self-determined and successful life.

Learn in this 12-week online course everything you need for lifelong success

Grow beyond your present state and improve your career

Communicate your ideas logically and successfully

Strengthen your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-esteem

Autonomy 1-on-1

Thank you for getting AUTONOMY through this site! As a bonus for helping me out I will be personally coaching you through the course with AUTONOMY 1-on-1

Your added benefits:

Individual coaching/personal assistance/quality-assurance and progress follow-up from a course graduate

Assistance with the course’s integration exercises

Speak/Write to me in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese or Jamaican Patois

As a alumni of Autonomy I directly experienced the life-changing impact of this online course on myself and my family.

Autonomy has been a true game-changer as it further unlocked my potential. I now have a clear vision of my goals, a detailed plan and global support of an amazing community of like-minded people.

Take this opportunity and I will help you to advance on your individual journey to a self-determined, free and prosperous life


“Simpson (Dennis) brings passion, tenacity and empathy to any project he is a part of. His energy is infectious and leaves you firmly believing that you can make a difference in your and other’s circumstances with the strength of your hands, love of your heart and creativity of your mind. You will not regret it.”



My Autonomy Journey

I knew it was a transitional point of my life when I first heard of the autonomy course. I had just travelled to Germany with my family and after 15 years of living in Jamaica, winds of change were hitting strongly. While we were not sure of what was going to happen or how and where we would continue our journey, we made a conscious decision to go with the flow of life and see where it would take us. It was at that point when I heard about autonomy. The description of the course immediately resonated with me and I recognized how it seemed to perfectly fit my vision of life as being a journey towards liberation. I was familiar with Richard Grove’s work and had been utterly impressed for...

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