My Holistic Life Coaching Journey

From a very young age, I was active, loved sports, and being outside in nature. I first joined a local Judo club at the age of six. I remember that day well, as it marked the beginning of a path that would later lead me to extensively train and compete (Judo; Karate) and eventually teach (Capoeira) in nearly every corner of the globe.

I reached a point in my early 20’s where I realized I didn’t want to just practice Capoeira – I wanted to live it. I had to learn how to properly train and feed my body to maintain the level of fitness, mobility, and health I desired. Thus I got qualified as a Fitness and Nutrition Trainer not knowing at the time that I was also building a foundation for my journey as a personal trainer and holistic life coach.

I gained valuable experience as a gym instructor and a Capoeira teacher while simultaneously testing the impact and effectiveness of various diets, natural supplements, and remedies. I was astounded with what I was learning, so I began to share my discoveries with students and friends.

As the news spread, I started preparing workout plans and nutrition consultancies while also offering personal and group workout sessions. Over the years, I was able to guide several individuals in reshaping their physical bodies and overall health. However, when following up with some of my friends and clients after a while, some seemed to have a difficult time maintaining or improving their results on their own.

It appeared that, while we had been able to impact the physical body while working out together, we had not properly addressed the emotional and mental aspects. As a result, their ability to self-motivate and continue implementing their new lifestyle suffered. I knew I could do more to help them.

It became my goal to not only offer hands-on workout sessions and nutrition plans but to also address the holistic being in order to maximize lasting results.
I continued to explore other modalities (Yoga, Reiki, EFT, Psychological First Aid, etc.) and my perspective expanded. I began to look at life – and my client’s and friends’ challenges – from a new angle.

We are all unique physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual beings on our own individual journeys towards self-realization. Acknowledging this has inspired and encouraged me to employ my experiences, skills, and abilities to help those who seek support overcoming their current challenges in life.

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My Autonomy Journey

I knew it was a transitional point of my life when I first heard of the autonomy course. I had just travelled to Germany with my family and after 15 years of living in Jamaica, winds of change were hitting strongly. While we were not sure of what was going to happen or how and where we would continue our journey, we made a conscious decision to go with the flow of life and see where it would take us. It was at that point when I heard about autonomy. The description of the course immediately resonated with me and I recognized how it seemed to perfectly fit my vision of life as being a journey towards liberation. I was familiar with Richard Grove’s work and had been utterly impressed for...

My Capoeira Journey

Known as ‘Contra-Mestre Simpson’ in the ‘roda’ (capoeira circle) I live with, through and for this beautiful martial art/dance/culture. It became a philosophy of life and I love to explore its capacity of setting myself free in every way. I am driven to motivate and inspire others to apply capoeira for their own emancipation of physical and mental slavery. and have myself experienced its life-transforming potential. My capoeira journey began 1999 when I met Mestre Paulo ‘Sorriso’ Mendes whose pupil I remain until today I became part of ‘Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira’, an international capoeira group with the motto ‘Be nobody’s slave’, co-founded and headed by Mestre Miguel Machado in 1978 in...

My Permaculture Journey

I have been in love with nature from as far back as I can think. I remember spending my days in the woods as a child and building planters from discarded pallets or digging garden ponds as a youth. As a young adult I remember vividly aiding during the construction of a Japanese Zen garden. Soon thereafter followed work experience at a plant nursery and while working with landscape gardeners. The earnings and lessons of those jobs would eventually allow me to travel and they proved to be very useful during my trips around Europe, to Brazil and to Jamaica, where I ended up settling down, teaching capoeira. After conducting social work for several years,...

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