Your blueprint for life on your own terms

In 12 weeks you will gain all the confidence and competence you need to forge a self-determined and comfortable life for you and your loved ones.

Autonomy 1-on-1

Individual Support of Your Journey to Personal and Economic Prosperity

As a graduate of Autonomy I directly experienced the life-changing impact of this online course on myself and my family.

Autonomy has been a true game-changer as it further unlocked my potential. I now have a clear vision of my goals, a detailed plan and global support of an amazing community of like-minded people.

Take this opportunity and let me help You to advance on Your individual journey to a self-determined, free and prosperous life

Through Autonomy 1-on-1, I will personally coach and support You on Your 12-week Autonomy journey. Your Autonomy 1-on-1 benefits include:

Individual guidance from an Autonomy graduate

Success assurance through weekly online follow-up and accountability meetings

As an Autonomy graduate I will be available as your partner for the course Integration Exercises

English is not Your first language? I’m fluent in German, Spanish, Portuguese and Jamaican Patois

Additional Bonus: 2 Free Holistic Life Coaching sessions


“Simpson (Dennis) brings passion, tenacity and empathy to any project he is a part of. His energy is infectious and leaves you firmly believing that you can make a difference in your and other’s circumstances with the strength of your hands, love of your heart and creativity of your mind. You will not regret it.”

I once came across a quote that read. "Don't be in anyone's shadow but find someone who will light your path". Dennis is one such person.

Before my introduction to Dennis Eckart I would described myself as aimlessly lost, not having any real sense of "self".

But,with his guidance, I became centered, fearless, opened and was able to chart my life's path.
Thank you, Dennis! D. Soffin


I was excited when I heard about these coaching sessions because at the time I was not in a very good headspace.

Dennis helped me to explore the underlying reasons as to why that was so, he patiently helped me to see that how you think can really impact you and gave me tips toward journeying down a more positive path.

I would definitely recommend these sessions to anyone who needs advice about how to live a more positive, peaceful life with lots of love for all and Axe Francesca G.


In addition to being a great capoeira teacher, CM Simpson (Dennis) conveys very enriching and positive values centered on the humain being.

Learning with him, a new ability to separate the important from the superficial came to me very naturally. Yann C.


Before I came to Dennis I was overweight; not excessively so but I was a bit chubby and it really affected my self confidence. I tried going to the gym but every time I felt totally lost as to where to begin and what to do. I felt confused.

Then, my friend told me about Dennis’ service and I decided to give it a try and I must say that was a life-changing decision. Dennis is dynamic, multi-talented and very knowledgeable about health and wellness.

Within weeks I saw results and now not only have I lost the excess weight I have also become a far healthier and far more confident person. Dennis is a great teacher and human being and I wholeheartedly endorse his services. Five stars! Nathan V.


UWI ACE (Arts, Culture and Entertainment Engagement) is a programme that was started in the academic year of 2011-2012 under the Leadership and Student Engagement (LSE) Unit on the UWI Mona campus. UWI ACE used arts and culture as a medium for developing individuals’ physical and mental skill-sets and social abilities. I approached Contra Mestre Simpson (Dennis) toward forming a capoeira group on campus. This group only started in the second semester but rapidly grew in numbers and its members enthusiasm with some students saying they came to look forward to Capoeira class as “a bright spot” in the long weeks as individuals.

Simpson  (Dennis) shares his knowledge freely in a manner that makes it resonate with individuals and inspires others to see real time practical applications all around them. The intersectional nature of his involvement, especially in an environment that at times can sterilise learning, saw persons experience growth and extend the range of their personal pursuits in areas such as personal nutrition, permaculture, learning another language (namely Portuguese) all of which Simpson was able to guide with examples, cited publications and encouragement.

Being a part of this group provided a gateway for Jamaicans and regional students to positively interact with some aspects of Jamaica not accessible via the confines of the campus. I left Jamaica in 2012 but was pleased to see Capoeira offered in Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts as a streamlined course. I returned to Jamaica in 2015 and was grateful to see some individuals who had started in 2012 as part of the parent group outside of campus in leadership roles.

Simpson  (Dennis) brings passion, tenacity and empathy to any project he is a part of. His energy is infectious and leaves you firmly believing that you can make a difference in your and other’s circumstances with the strength of your hands, love of your heart and creativity of your mind. You will not regret it

Dike R.

Trinidad & Tobago

My Autonomy Journey

I knew it was a transitional point of my life when I first heard of the autonomy course. I had just travelled to Germany with my family and after 15 years of living in Jamaica, winds of change were hitting strongly. While we were not sure of what was going to happen or how and where we would continue our journey, we made a conscious decision to go with the flow of life and see where it would take us. It was at that point when I heard about autonomy. The description of the course immediately resonated with me and I recognized how it seemed to perfectly fit my vision of life as being a journey towards liberation. I was familiar with Richard Grove’s work and had been utterly impressed for...

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